To start kiteboarding, you need at least one hour of theoretical training with small kite flying on the land and then you prepared with your equipment to get in the water.
What do you need with you?
Swim and sunscreen. We provide you with full equipment: kite, plank, hook, life jacket, helmet, intercom and, of course, rescue boat.
Our passion is to put you in the sport we love and experience the unique feeling the kiteboard offers quickly and safely.
Our satisfaction is your enthusiasm when you take the first ride.
We need only a little effort from you and we promise you that you will soon be part of the kiteboard community.


Kiteboard belongs to the category of x-treme sports. It combines unique x-treme sports like surf and wakeboard with sailing (and paragliding). The force power is the wind and with the proper training and equipment you will be able to enjoy the adrenaline that kiteboard offers. Also the unique combination of wind, sun and sea will give you the ultimate sense of freedom and the ideal escape.



Kite is the only force power of this sport, so the difficulty focuses on the flying and proper control of the kite. But its size and strength is great. That's why it's very important to learn how to control the kite well. With a proper training, most people soon enjoy a nice ride on the water! Without training, kiteboarding can become quite dangerous and frustrated or just bored with the many falls, slow progress and abandon.


Racing kiteboards are very fast and they travel very easily. They are usually large directional boards with large fins and bindings. Riding in conditions of less than 15 knots, winds and light winds (Lightwind) is essential and allows us to develop fast speeds. Our school has experienced trainers who will guide you through your first steps in the Formula Kite world. Ask us to take a ride and try the race boards with our help.



HydroFoil kiteboards are very fast and they travel at great angles. They sail over the water and rely on the hydrodynamic wing that varies in size accordingly. Our school has experienced trainers who will guide you through your first steps in the world of HydroFoil Kite.


Our support will be continuous even after the lessons.
We will be glad to continiously kite together on all kite spots, to advise you, to participate in our events, to try every year all the new eagle models as well as to host you in our modern conventions in Loutsa where various services (food, coffee, desserts, etc.) are provided for you and your accompanies.
Our facilities in Loutsa are all year round kiteboarding academies for children between 10 and 17 years of age.

Wind forecast

The wind must be more than 10 knots for Kiteboarding.

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